Lancaster Central Market Mask Policy

July 2, 2020

Dear Lancaster Community,

During these unprecedented times, the Central Market Trust has remained committed to maintaining the core functions of Lancaster Central Market: serving as a fresh food source for the Lancaster community.

As we have entered the green phase in Lancaster County it has become clear that, now more than ever, our commitment to the safety of our staff, standholders, and patrons must remain a priority while balancing the need to provide access to fresh food from standholders our customers know and trust.

To support the practice of social distancing Central Market will continue to operate with one entrance, located off of William Henry Place, and three exits off of Grant Street. During peak traffic times there is potential for a short wait at entry. We appreciate the continued understanding and support of our community in this endeavor.

The proper use of a mask is required to enter Market. For those with a disability that are unable to wear a mask beginning Friday, July 10th, 2020 we will require the use of a face shield. We will have a small number of sanitized shields available for individual use. Alternatively, you may ask one of our employees to assist by shopping for you – obtaining the items on your shopping list (form will be provided) while you wait outside. We will not permit those not wearing a mask to enter the building for the safety of our staff, standholders, and patrons.

We would also like to remind customers of other ‘best practices’ defined by public health experts:

•                                   Refrain from touching food displayed at any stand and food cases. When the standholder is serving you, simply point to the items you would like to purchase.

•                                   We still encourage you to be environmentally friendly by bringing reusable bags to Market, however, we ask that you fill these bags with items purchased after they are handed to you by the standholder.

•                                   Maintain a safe social distance from others of 6 feet.

•                                   Wash/sanitize your hands frequently and minimize touching surfaces in the Market. Sinks are located in our restrooms.

We all look forward to the time when things can return to normal; when we can all gather as a community at Lancaster Central Market. Until that time comes, the Central Market Trust thanks you for your continued support and understanding. Together we can do this!