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Lancaster Central Market is the oldest continuously running public market in America. Established in 1730, and still fresh, Lancaster Central Market is a blend of old world and new – offering the best of Lancaster County under one historic roof. More than 65 local vendors call the beautiful 1889 Market House home. Open Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, Lancaster Central Market is a beacon in Lancaster for farm fresh produce, meats, and dairy; delicious culinary fare; and is also a unique gathering place filled with people welcoming you where you can enjoy a bite to eat, a stroll through the stands, a look out onto the market from the mezzanine and a stroll around the beautiful building located in downtown Lancaster.

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Central Market Trust

A thriving, welcoming Market that nourishes the community.
To create an environment that supports local businesses and celebrates the best of Lancaster’s fresh food culture.
We Value Our:

  • Community Relationships
  • Quality Products
  • Iconic Landmark

Until the early 2000’s, the City of Lancaster (the City) owned and operated the Central Market. In 2004, a study was commissioned by the City of Lancaster, the County of Lancaster, and the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry to evaluate the operations and potential of the Market. The goals of the study were:

Ensure that the Central Market has the vision, overall decision-making structure, day-to-day management focus and resources it needs to be an economically successful and financially stable market over the long term.
Maintain, preserve, and interpret the historic Central Market House as a unique asset of our community.

Maintain Central Market’s civic role within an ever-changing context.
The Master Plan provided information in detail about ten actions that were required for the three goals to be fulfilled. While all ten actions were necessary, the first action was the foundation for the rest. The first action was to continue City ownership of the building allied with a new, proactive management structure for business operations.


Strategic Plan

As we implement our strategic plan, we have the opportunity to innovate.  You can help us create the future right now! The strategic plan calls for the Central Market to continue its tradition of providing fresh healthy foods but adding new ways to offer it to the community. The market operations are sustainable within the Market walls now it’s time to offer programming outside those walls. The focus will be on providing services to cater to people who cannot shop in the market due to mobility, location, or time constraints.  The services offered will benefit the public but also the Market Standholders who are majority farmers or selling products from local farmers.


  • Kathleen L. Peck After Market
  • Capital projects
  • Market District
  • Online Ordering
  • Delivery
  • Pop Up Markets

Kathleen L. Peck After Market
The Market is addressing food waste by offering left over fresh products that will not last until the next Market day, free to the public.  Central Market is working with local social service agencies to get the word out to consumers who may be facing food insecurity.  The After Market is named in memory of Kathleen L. Peck. For more information, read our post, ‘Lancaster Central Market Launches After Market Program’.

Tower Roof Tile Replacement
The Raise the Roof campaign is over but the work continues.  The final project is the replacement of the terra cotta tiles on the two Market House Towers. Work has begun starting on the East Tower first. The project will then move to the West Tower. Each tower is expected to take five weeks to complete.

Door Replacement 
The Central Market door are the originals!  Unfortunately wear and tear over 150 years does require that the 13 sets of doors be replaced in order to increase the security and the integrity of the Market House. Vintage Millwork & Restoration in Paradise has been chosen to replace our doors. Sponsorship is available for each set of doors.

Market District 
In partnership with the Southern Market, a Market District will be created.  The anchors will be both Markets as destinations.  But more importantly, local businesses will be incubated, developed, promoted and set up for growth within the district.

Online Ordering 
The Central Market has operated solely from its physical location since its inception in 1730.  The market’s online presence includes a website which is ideal for shoppers who are coming to the market.  We’d like to expand the capability of our website to allow people to order Market wide from the site and arrange pick up at a convenient time.  This allows more access to the fresh healthy foods available at Market. In the meantime, visit Market’s online store for Lancaster Central Market merchandise.

People who are homebound or who experience food insecurity should have access to the fresh healthy foods at Market.  Delivery will be available in Lancaster County for those populations who order on our online system.

Pop Up Markets 
Pop up Markets will be made available in local areas where people lack access to healthy food access.  These areas targeted include the northern part of Lancaster City, Southwest Lancaster City, Millersville, Columbia, Manheim, and Ephrata/Akron.  Again, the goal is to increase access to fresh healthy foods especially to low-income/low-access areas.



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