In This Together: Oola Bowls

May 21, 2020

“I don’t think we will ever have the luxury of knowing the right answer,” Joe Ferderbar shared of he and Oola Bowls co-owner Brock Snider wrestling with whether or not to stay open.

Their journey into the era of this pandemic began with the heartbreak of having to part ways with some of their Oola Bowls family as hours at venues decreased, and safety for their team and customers became paramount.

But ever the optimists, Joe and Brock found the space as they continue on through this time to explore a few customer-inspired ideas that have been on the backburner since their inception, like online ordering, seemingly built overnight by his wife, Chelsea, to accommodate a low-contact experience for customers; a ticketing system for more efficient in-person ordering; and do-it-yourself Oola Bowl kits for an at-home acai experience.

“We have a responsibility as a small business and community members to pivot quickly and to continue to do our part,” Joe said of their place here in Lancaster.

Taking this notion of community one step further, Joe and Brock added a philanthropic option to their offering for donating Oola Bowls to local front-line employees. “It has honestly been inspiring,” he continued, of hearing stories that this simple gesture has been a bright spot for someone on a dark day.

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-Elyse Pollak


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