Pure Palate Organic and Market

May 31, 2018

Upon chatting with Feizal Fakier, it’s clear that he’s proud to be here at Market with Pure Palate Organic. In fact, it’s right where he’s meant to be. His passion for the organic, raw, and fermented dairy goods he brings to Market each week is palpable, and his knowledge about the products is plentiful.

But his route to the agriculture world was not a direct one. An engineer by trade, Feizal worked many years in architecture and information technology, but found himself feeling unfulfilled. Of which he said, “So, I quit my job in 2005, and I went into agriculture.”

He continued, “When I’m out dealing with nature, I feel more rooted, more alive. It sounds weird, but I just feel getting my hands dirty and dealing with nature is like therapy in itself.”

Feizal and his family moved here to Lancaster to pursue a simpler, more connected life. And feeling more content on his farm in Leola, amidst miles upon miles of beautiful farmland, he said, “When I first came to Pennsylvania, I was so happy to be here, based on the products Lancaster had to offer.”

Eating the freshest food possible has long been important to Feizal and his family, so Lancaster County was a natural fit. He’s able to find exactly what he’s looking for just steps from his door, unlike in the 70s when he would drive three-plus-hours to find the closest farm market.

Then when he came to Market, he ultimately found another home, of which he said, “To me, Market brings freshness, health, and wellness. Dealing directly with a farm means being able to get the freshest you can out there.” It was here where he was introduced to, and frequented, the specialty dairy at Oasis at Bird-in-Hand, a stand he found exciting as a long-time follower of the organic, grass-fed movement.

Shortly thereafter, the opportunity arose for him to buy the Market business Oasis started, and he has continued to share their dairy products, along with equally exceptional products from two other dairies, at Pure Palate Organic.

Each of the three brands Feizal carries are certified as organic, which refers to pastured cattle grazing a diet of fresh, chemical-free grass or hay. And he proudly proclaimed of the dairies, “We are 365 days on grass. USDA allows you to be 135 days on grass in order to be considered grass-fed, but we are well beyond that.” He offers, as well, both partially pasteurized and raw dairy products, including A2A2 milk, all of which are touted for their natural health benefits.

He has found a niche here at Market, and whole-heartedly welcomes the conversation that comes with his relatively unconventional product offering.

Feizal places an emphasis on education and awareness, sharing, “My vision with Pure Palate Organic is to promote wellness, and that is the bottom line. I read a lot. I learn from my customers, and they learn from me.”

Further, he finds himself working diligently to anticipate and listen to his customers’ needs, sharing, “I want them to have an experience, because it’s about how they feel leaving us, and feeling good about what they’re taking with them.”

Thank you, Feizal, for sharing your passion for wellness here with us at Market, and we hope your customers — and all Market friends, too — continue to feel good about what they’re taking with them each visit.