The Goodie Shop

To most people, getting more family time wouldn't be accomplished by the entire family working more long hours, but the Cumpston family isn't most people. They bought the Goodie Shop at market in 2000 as a result of wanting to see more of each other. Craig Cumpston had been putting in 80+ hour weeks as a professional chef, and there just wasn't enough time to go around in the week. They decided to go into business as a family and have been doing so to everyones delight for a good longtime.

The Goodie Shop makes over 350 different varieties of salads that they rotate through based on seasonal availability of ingredients. The menu changes every Market day and the Cumpston's make each and every different salad from scratch using no mixes, preservatives, or MSG. They have an abundant selection for vegetarian and vegan diets.

In addition to all of the various salads they provide, The Goodie Shop also retails their very famous hummus, quiche, baked goods, and sandwiches. Some of their most popular selections are the Indian veggie patties, a vegetarian dish made up of vegetables, potatoes, spices, and spinach. Another hot seller is the Pasta with Spinach and Feta Salad which usually is gone before the lunch rush is half over. What is Holly's favorite secret vice? Well, it is their homemade rice pudding. Coincidentally, this is one of the few items you will find at the stand every week! Or maybe not so coincidental?

The Cumpston's promise that you won't know what you may find the next time your at market, but they know you'll find something that you love.

Stand 54

Vendor Information:

The Goodie Shop

Craig and Holly Cumpston

302 west Chestnut Street

Lancaster, Pa 17603

Phone: 717-393-3923



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