Havana Juice

Havana Juice, owned by Rene Diaz, offers fresh pressed sugar cane juice. This natural, unprocessed juice offers a variety of benefits, one of which is that it does not raise blood sugar in the way that other juice drinks or sodas do, so individuals that have issues with their blood sugar may find that this sweet treat may be enjoyed. Please stop by Havana Juice to try this delicious treat and at the same time watch how it is squeezed from the sugar cane stalk. Fun!
Recently, Rene has expanded his menu to include Cuban sandwiches, in which he uses local ingredients and ingredients from right here in the Market when he can. When you stop by to enjoy a cup of his delicious sugar cane juice, don't forget to enjoy one of his Cuban sandwiches!

Stand 11

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Havana Juice

Rene Diaz


Phone: (717) 405-6112




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