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Lancaster County has been called the Garden Spot of America. With some of the richest and most fertile, non irrigated soils to be found anywhere on the globe, it is no wonder that many of the countries finest vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural goods flourish here. Given that so many Lancaster Countians have a desire to eat natural and organic foods it seemed right to Laura Stauffer, owner of the Green Circle Organics Produce stand, to provide her friends and neighbors with healthy, organic bounty.

In March of 2003 she decided to pursue the life of a market stand holder. Before that, Stauffer had spent a year on an organic farm learning to cultivate organic crops.

Selling“Local” is an integral part of how Green Circle operates. Laura buys her produce from a local farmer's cooperative nine months out of the year. Additionally, six local family farmers who have struck up relationships with Green Circle Organics round out the rest of her selection.

In addition to fresh produce the stand sells Raw Milk, Eggs, Cheeses, Beans, Rice, Lentils, Cous Cous, Flour, Fair Trade Coffee that is locally roasted at Square One Coffee shop, and every variety of fruit and vegetable that comes in season.

Laura's favorite thing about being at Central Market? Her customers are fantastic and appreciate her products, and she NEVER has to go to the grocery store anymore, which is a huge blessing to her.

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Green Circle Organics

Laura Stauffer Sisay


Phone: 717-572-5164



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