Miesse Candies

Miesse Candies was founded in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1875. For more than 136 years, we have been dedicated to providing fresh, quality chocolates to our customers.

We use all natural ingredients, such as pure vanilla, real butter, and fresh cream, with no added preservatives. Our rich chocolate is made with real cocoa butter unlike other confectionary-based chocolates. All of our fruits and nuts are hand-dipped the old-fashioned way.

At Miesse Candies, we are committed to manufacturing excellence in order to provide you with fresh, delicious chocolates every time. Miesse Candies employs experienced staff who takes pride in providing excellent customer service.

Miesse Candies has been a favorite of young and old chocolate lovers for more than 136 years, offering high-quality, homemade chocolates at reasonable prices. Miesse Candies is a household word in the homes of Lancaster County families. Miesse Candies offers many specialties to its retail and wholesale customers in milk, dark and white chocolates including hand-dipped pretzels, strawberries, nuts, fruits, coconut, peanut butter, caramels, party mints, specialty souffl├ęs and a wide assortment of hand-made molded items including holiday and custom orders. We also offer a large selection of sugar free chocolates!

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Vendor Information:

Miesse Candies

Tracy Artus

118 North Water Street

Suite 102

Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: (717)392-6011





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