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Maplehofe Dairy is your all purpose dairy stand. Lacking nothing and selling everything, the dairy stand has been selling their local fresh dairy items in Central Market since 1999. The dairy farm itself has been bottling its own milk since 1974 in Southern Lancaster County.

Jacey will enthusiastically explain to any customer why her milk is a cut above what you buy in the grocery store. First, the milk comes from their own Holstein dairy cows. The milk is pasteurized and homogenized; nothing added or taken out. They do carry a cream-line milk which is not homogenized in order to let the cream rise to the top of the bottle, just like the good old days. Maplehofe's milk is bottled and processed at their own processing plant which adds freshness and allows other healthy nutrients to remain in the milk, resulting in a much higher quality milk. It is also what qualifies Maplehofe Dairy as number one in the “World's Best Chocolate Milk” category. As this author is unabashedly proud to declare, it truly has no rival, the world over. As customers keep telling us, "If you are one of those who loves chocolate milk, try a sample!" Please let them know your conclusion.

While the milk's superior quality is reason enough to become a regular consumer, perhaps one of the biggest draws to shopping with Maplehofe is their bottle exchange. A well-known local tradition, the exchange allows customers the opportunity to see recycling in action. By putting a small deposit down on a bottle and, if you want, bottle carrier, you obtain a glass half gallon of whatever dairy product you choose. When you are done with it, simply come back on the next market day and exchange your empty glass bottles for a new one. Maplehofe takes them, cleans them, and reuses them - an excellent and easy way to shop green.

Apart from better quality milk, and being the "World's Best Chocolate Milk", Maplehofe also sell a large variety of all-natural and grass fed yogurt, their own local butter, orange juice, drinks, bulk mixes (gluten free included), cereals, pastas, rices, jams, canned goods and local pancake mixes. At their bulk goods stand on the other side of their wall, they sell every kind of dried fruit and nuts you can dream of and make fresh nut butters, including almond and cashew, as well as organic peanut butter, natural peanut butter, and honey roasted peanut butter. They also have a few specialty flavors. Let them know which is your favorite!

There are so many reasons to shop at Central Market, and Maplehofe Dairy is one of the best! Feel like getting out of the city? They encourage you to visit them at their Quarryville location for more farm fresh products including 40 flavors of hand-dipped ice cream!

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Vendor Information:

Maplehofe Dairy

Calvin Glick, Co-Owner

799 Robert Fulton Hwy

Quarryville, Pa 17566

Phone: 717-786-3924



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