We are responsible for using our power to help end racism.

Central Market Trust understands that we hold a position of power – we are a home for over 60 small businesses under our roof and a gathering place for the community.  We support the fight for justice and equal rights for the Black community, and posting on social media is not enough.  Last year, we looked at ourselves as an organization and realized we have work to do.  In January, we set these goals in our 2020-2025 strategic plan and we are fully committed to them:

–             Increase the racial and ethnic diversity of the Board of Directors to better reflect the diversity of our community

–              Celebrate the diversity of the current Market standholders in promotions and events

–              Set goals for attracting minority- and women-owned businesses and empower them to succeed

–              Evaluate how well our standholders reflect the diversity of our community and how well Central Market supports their success

We are your public market, and our ears are open.  How do you think Market can be a force for positive change?  Send us a message at board@centralmarketlancaster.com.