Who’s New at Lancaster Central Market?

July 10, 2023

The Central Market Trust is excited to announce that five new Standholders are approved for Lancaster Central Market. The new Stand owners are now awaiting design approval or beginning buildouts for their stands. All should open within the next several weeks.

Please join us in welcoming:

Happiness is Granola – Greta Fairbanks and Angel Gray

This proudly women-owned, small-batch granola business was founded by Greta Fairbanks and Angel Gray in Lancaster, PA. They form an adventurous team of bakers, creators, and connectors focused on celebrating life’s simple pleasures. Each batch of Happiness is Granola is homemade and baked with only high-quality, wholesome, non-GMO/Organic ingredients and never any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Look for eight flavors made with certified gluten-free, organic oats, and allergen-free chocolate chips in the chocolate varieties.

homage: Cuisines of the West African Diaspora – Chef Oliver Saye

Chef Oliver will bring his acclaimed cuisines that focus on dishes and ingredients created and cultivated in West Africa and the Americas. Chef Oliver prepares each dish as an homage to those who created them, recognizing them for their contributions to the culinary world. homage: Cuisines of the West African Diaspora will offer favorites like plantain black bean soup, peanut butter chicken, coconut cilantro rice, banana pudding, West African ginger pineapple juice, and more!

Kimchee Girl – Joyce Park Williams

Joyce is a proud, first-generation American whose parents immigrated from Seoul, South Korea, to the United States in the early 1970s. Her father taught her how to make traditional kimchee, and soon she was giving her extra to friends and neighbors. This exchange blossomed into Kimchee Girl, an e-commerce shop that ships her kimchee nationwide. At her Market stand, Joyce will offer Napa cabbage kimchee, Korean Radish Kimchee, Cucumber Kimchee, Kimchee Butter, and Kimchee Girl Bottled Korean Marinades. In addition, look for a variety of prepared Korean foods!

Lucky Manufacturing Company – Marty Hulse

Building Character has been part of Downtown Lancaster since 2007. In 2012 they created Lucky Manufacturing Co. to produce Lancaster-themed keepsakes and creative goods. They employ local illustrators (currently all graduates of PA College of Art & Design) who capture a modern vision of Lancaster City and county and its brilliance. Lucky Manufacturing Co. takes those creations and makes their very popular products now beloved by locals and visitors alike. They are committed to using as many local and U.S.-made raw materials as possible and not relying on importing goods.

Pineapple House Pantry – Sheryl Hazzard

Sheryl Hazzard began Pineapple House Creations in 2003 and has been a Standholder at Market for 16 years. Sheryl grew Pineapple House Creations into a trusted brand with clients that included Marriott and Hilton Hotels and private and professional customers across the country. She will now bring those same high quality & exceptional standards to Pineapple House Pantry. Sheryl will offer honey from her local hives, olive oils, low to no-salt spice blends, and a wide assortment of dry goods.