The German Deli

The German Deli had been a common sight at Central Market for many years. Since 1984 it specialized in importing German specialty items that are hard to find anywhere else. Henner and Heidi Steinle worked at the stand for the owner during those later years as a part time post retirement job. When the owner had to close the business down due to financial reasons, it was a sad day for many market customers and for the Steinles who, all together had built a wonderful community that revolved around the German Deli stand. It wasn't long before Henner decided to do something about it, coming just a little bit further out of retirement to renew the stand and start up the rich heritage of the German Deli once again.

While you can find every sort of wurst, imported German cheeses, and other unique items there, the Steinles offer so much more. Always great conversation and a place to brush up on your Deutsch. German is spoken fluently in that corner of Central Market and it adds a diverse and truly beautiful cultural distinction to the market. Unsure of what to try on your first visit? First say “Guten Morgen, Herr Steinle.” Then ask to try one of his authentic cold cut meats, it's worth every penny and bit of adventure!

The German Deli features: Schaller and Weber cold cuts and sausages, and Karl Ehmer's smoked hams. Pickles, sauerkraut, vinegars, dumplings, mustards, spaetzels, coffee and teas, cheeses, Bismarck herring, fried herring, various soups, sauces and mixes, chocolates and candies.

Also provided are wholesome breads from Dimpfelmayer and Warsaw Bakery.

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The German Deli

Henner Steinle


Phone: (717) 413-2388


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