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Sweethearts of Lancaster County

Another newer addition to the Central Market family is Vince Hillegas and the Sweethearts of Lancaster County stand. Specializing in celery, more celery, and only celery, this is THE stand to visit to get your celery. Chances are though, if you do, you'll get more than you bargained for. Not only will the product exceed any normal expectations one might have for celery, you will most likely learn why the celery you are about to consume is the best celery you can get for your money. This of course is a common theme throughout most Central Market stands and stand holders, since market is full of small, high quality food specialists. Sweethearts of Lancaster County is no exception. Vince Hillegas is caring for your celery long before you even realize that you want some crunchy delicious celery in the first place.

For a true education, of course you must talk to Vince, but here is the meat of his message. Sweethearts Celery is cut and placed in a temperature controlled environment for six weeks. This length of time at a constant temperature of 70 degrees causes the outside stalks of the celery plant to rot, and eventually fall off. This process actually makes the inside portion of the celery plant exceptionally sweet and full of crispy, crunchy, zippy, flavor. Hence the name Sweethearts of Lancaster County.

At his stand, Vince only sells the most succulent part of the plant, and that is why yet another Central Market stand can proudly boast that it is the best place to go for the best fresh goods, period. Talking to customers is second nature to Vince, as is the case with most vendors at market. He has volumes of celery recipes for you to take home and try; some folks have even been known to plan an entire meal around a celery dish. Stop by to see what all this fuss is about at Sweethearts of Lancaster County.

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Sweethearts of Lancaster County

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