Narai Thai & Asian Cuisine

Having become an absolute favorite lunch spot at Central Market, the folks at Narai Thai Foods know how to get people to line up. Seemingly every exotic food-loving local in the county heads downtown every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, to wait for their turn to get another tantalizing specialty from Narai. The Thai food from Narai is made by the same crew that runs Lemon Grass Thai Food restaurant. They create true and authentic Thai specialties that have an irresistible quality that keeps you coming back for more.

Narai offers three different sizes for you to choose from when ordering any of their delectable Thai entrees. Among these dishes are such traditional favorites as Pad Thai and Lemon Grass Chicken, and also some spicier dishes like the Evil Jungle Princess, a lip smackin' "must have" for spicy food lovers. If light fare is your choice on your next visit to market, you have to try the fresh-made Spring Rolls for which Narai has become famous . By the end of lunch, if you can find one of these left, consider yourself blessed and fortunate. In the words of one market regular, “I love the fresh rolls! They look and taste so healthy that I feel like I lose five pounds every time I eat one!”

We didn't have the heart to tell him that wasn't possible, but we do know exactly what he means. Do yourself, your taste buds, and your waistline a favor: rush over to Narai next time you're at Central Market!

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Narai Thai & Asian Cuisine

Lancaster, PA

Phone: (717)475-3499



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