Flower Garden Crafts

Central Market shoppers have watched as generation after generation of local Amish farmers have "stood" at market with farm fresh foods, handcrafts, baked items, and other local goods. Of the many stands that reside in Central Market, Flower Garden Crafts is one of the few that remain Amish owned and operated. For over thirty years Sally Lapp has been found behind a great selection of hand-stitched Amish Quilts, pot holders, wall hangings, quilts made-to-order, oven mitts, pillows, and hot pads.

Sally's hand-made Amish goods often cause shoppers to pause, admire and take photographs. For visitors and locals alike, Amish quilt-making is a time honored tradition that garners admiration and respect. It is one of our county's oldest art forms and you can purchase this timeless art three days a week at Flower Garden Crafts.

Stand 23

Vendor Information:

Flower Garden Crafts

Nathan Lapp

1060 Sheep Hill Road

New Holland, PA 17557

Phone: (717)715-6500



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