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For some years Tim Carr's Restaurant in downtown Lancaster has been considered to be the home of some of the most exciting cuisine to be found here in Lancaster. Always desiring to provide the freshest quality ingredients and inspired innovations to please the most discriminating palates, Tim Carr decided to bring this combination to a more accessible venue in 2004 - Central Market. Strolling the market Tim realized that no one was providing his unique combination of fresh meats and prepared foods. Since he was already bringing premium grade sides of beef, organic and free range poultry, as well as other specialty meat products to his restaurant (which is conveniently located across Market Street), he filled the need at that Market soon thereafter.

At Carr's in Central Market you will find a stand with two personalities. One side is fresh meats and the other is ready to eat entree's. At the meat counter you will find a selection of fine meats including; Eberly's Organic Chicken and Turkey products, fresh-cut steaks such as NY Strip and Beef Tenderloin, Kobe beef burgers, pork chops, Neuskie's Apple Wood smoked bacon from Wisconsin, Elysian Farms Organic Lamb, as well as a variety of gourmet sausages that are worth the trip. Tim also sells venison sausage stuffed with blueberries, Elk sausage stuffed with Madeka, and a buffalo sausage stuffed with chipotle peppers. They also carry Chicken Liver Pate, American Caviar, and Foie Gras.
At the entree counter you never know what you are going to find because they try to serve up different dishes every day. Some favorite staples however are the Cobb Salad and the Smoked Chicken Penne Pasta.

Carr's customers have learned to trust the chef. Behind the stand every day market day is Kathy Walls, Tim's cohort and long time coworker. Her favorite thing about being at market is talking to the customers about what they are going to with the product they are buying. It's a thrill for her to help a customer turn that exquisite organic lamb that they are considering buying into an incredible meal, complete with the chef's tips.

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Carr's at Central Market

Carr's, LLC

50 West Grant Street

Lancaster, Pa 17603

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