Yasou, Greek Pastries, LLC was introduced to Central Market in the fall of 2010. We offer exclusive, fresh, handmade and homemade Greek confections from our family to yours.
Yasou, a favorite Greek Greeting meaning, hello and to your health invites everyone to indulge in the traditional sweet tastes of Greece.
From delicate and fragile to crunchy and chewy, Greece is known for its confections, cakes and cookies. Made with an abundance of honey, nuts, fruits and creams, these mouth-watering treats will tempt the sweet tooth of anyone.
Cooking and baking has always been one of Vasso’s passions. I can recall many happy days learning to cook and bake in a traditional Greek Kitchen with my YiaYia (Grandmother) at the helm. Many of the recipes I use for Yasou come from family recipes handed down from my YiaYia, mother and mother-in-law YiaYia was born in Asia Minor (Turkey) and my mother-in-law was born on the island of Kos, so I am able share a more diverse sampling from across the country but all are delicious. Undoubtedly, Baklava is our most famous pastry, a multi-layered affair of phyllo ribboned with nuts (almonds or walnuts) and oozing with honey syrup. Tilixta, Finikia, Koulourakia, Kourambiedes & Kandaifi are also prepared with the utmost care, handmade and homemade and among the most popular. Another top request Spanikopita, a unique blend of spinach and Greek cheeses wrapped in a phyllo pastry is a must try.
I feel I owe it to YiaYia and my family to maintain and preserve the integrity of the original authentic pastries and to keep our tradition alive. I feel very fortunate that Central Market has given me the opportunity to be able to share my family’s tradition with the citizens of Lancaster and beyond.
Remember, when planning your next party or get together and the question, “WHAT'S FOR DESSERT?”comes up, just stop by or call Yasou, Greek Pastries, LLC and excite your family and friends with a sweet taste of Greece.

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Vasso Papavasilion


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