About Central Market

Market Alley, Artists Rendition

For decades residents of the Philadelphia area have arranged to meet their friends and relatives using the phrase "Meet me at the eagle". In the center court of the Wanamaker's (now Macy's) Department Store stands a huge bronze eagle and that magnificent work of art has been a gathering place for Philadelphians for as long as anyone can recall.

Not to be outdone by the "City of Brotherly Love", Lancaster has its own gathering place and it is Central Market. "Meet me at Market" has for decades been a part of the vernacular of Lancaster County. We meet at Market for a cup of coffee and a donut in the morning. We meet to select fresh vegetables and meats then share recipes for using them. We meet at Market for soup and a sandwich - and some sweets for dessert. We meet a friend from out of town so we can show off one of the most admired and photographed buildings in the area - in a location that has been a Market for over 275 years. It's actually difficult to go to Market without meeting someone you know.

Southern Exposure, Artists Rendition

In a word, if you live in Lancaster or you've visited Lancaster or planned a visit to Lancaster or talked to someone who has visited Lancaster you're almost certainly familiar with Central Market. It is a place like none other. No one is quite sure whether it's a shopping place where people gather to socialize or a gathering, socializing place where people shop for great food. It's hard to believe but occasionally someone will come to Market and not buy anything - they just want to be a part of Market.

So, why not come to Central Market and experience it for yourself?

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